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Complet check-up (complet dental examination, treatment plan, price) 65 lei
Periodical oral check-up (it is done every 6 months) 50 lei
Emergency examination (concentrating only on the particular problem, that a patient requests tratament for) 50 lei
Complet surgical check-up (S.L. Lucian Chirila Primary Surgeon Dentist- Head of Works Faculty of Dentistry, Oral and Maxilo-Facial Department) 100 lei
Study models 50 lei
Emergency dental tratament 65 lei



Adult prophylaxis (scaling and professional brushing)/tooth 100
Professional brushing ( professional fluoride toothpaste Kerr) 60
Air flow 30
Fluoridation/tooth/session 5
Fluoridation in special trays/session 90
Aplication of dentinal desensitizer/tooth 35
Oral hygiene training (at the firt hygiene sesione in our dental clinic) 20
Bacterial plaque control 20
Sealing the pits and fissures of permanent tooth (with light-cured composite with fluoride) 100
Bite guard 200


Preparation and filling cavities with light-cured composite (3M-ESPE- SUA) (lateral grup) 130-150 lei
Preparation and filling cavities with light-cured composite (3M-ESPE-SUA) (frontal grup) 145-160 lei
Composite facet at the dentist with light-cured composite (3M-ESPE-SUA) 190 lei
Preparation and filling cavities with auto-cured glass-ionomer (3M-ESPE-SUA, GC-Japan) 110 lei
Preparation and filling cavities with silver amalgam 130-140 lei
Preparation and filling cavities sandwich technique 140-160 lei
Restauration of prepared tooth with light-cured composite (3M-ESPE-SUA) 120 lei
Restauration of prepared tooth with silver amalgam 120 lei
Restauration of prepared tooth with fiber post and light-cured composite (3M-ESPE-SUA) 200 lei
Dentatus 35 lei
Composit Inlay 350 lei
Ceramic Inlay 650 lei


Removal post 90-150 lei
Removal broken instruments from the canal 150-200 lei
Root canal tratament(vital extirpation + root filling)  
- 1 canal 160 lei
- 2 canals 230 lei
- 3 canals 250 lei
- 4 canals 270 lei
Retratment root canal(cleaning, retratment + root filling)  
- 1 canal 210 lei
- 2 canals 330 lei
- 3 canals 400 lei
- 4 canals 470 lei
Endodontic drainage 50-70 lei
Anaesthesia 25 lei


Scaling + professional brushing / tooth 15 lei
Professional brushing 60 lei
Air flow 30 lei
Subgingival curettage/ tooth 69 lei
Subgingival curettage/ tooth (with suture) 173 lei
Periodic teeth immobilization 300 lei
Anti-inflammatory treatment/tooth 37 lei
Tissue graft (without material) 300 lei
Tissue graft (with material)(S.L. Lucian Chirila- Primary Surgeon Dentist-Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery) 600 lei


RCR removal 90-150 lei
Dental work/tooth removal 45-55 lei
RCR 170 lei
Temporary acrylic crown made  
- By the dentist 40 lei
- By the dental laboratory technician 80 lei
Temporary metallic crown 60 lei
Full cast crown 260 lei
Coroana metalo-ceramica tip Waisser 520 lei
Metallic-ceramic crown 600 lei
Full ceramic crown 1100 lei
Metallic-ceramic crown on implants 1300 lei
Repaire metallic-ceramic crown 130 lei
Definitive cmentation with:  
- Harvard cement 25 lei
- Fuji 1 glassionomer cement 30 lei
- Light-cured cement 3M-ESPE 40 lei
Partial acrylic denture 1200 lei
Full acrylic denture 1500 lei
Skeletal denture with claps 2500 lei
Special system 2500 lei
Total denture on implants  
Special system on implants  
Denture repair 125 lei
Tooth addition on the denture 125 lei
Denture planking 150 lei
Claps repair 100 lei
Kemeny denture 250 lei
Balanced occlusion / session 150 lei
Bruxism tray 200 lei
Study models / pair 100 lei
Ceramic inlay 600 lei
Composite inlay 350 lei
Ceramic veneer 1000 lei



Teeth whitening treatment (OPALESCENCE-ULTRADENT-USA)  
- at home 600 lei
- at the clinic 700 lei
De-vital whitening treatment/ tooth (OPALESCENCE- ULTRADENT –USA) 250 lei
Individual tray for whitening treatment/piece 150 lei
Composite facet at the dentist with light-cured composite 3M-ESPE-USA 190 lei
Ceramic veneer 1000 lei


Anesthesia 25 lei
Extraction of monoradicular parodontal teeth 60 lei
Extraction of multiradicular parodontal teeth 75 lei
Extraction of monoradicular teeth 110-130 lei
Extraction of multiradicular teeth 150-190 lei
Extraction of dental roots 110-130 lei
Extraction of wisdom teeth 190-200 lei
Separation of the roots 15 lei
Abcess incision 100 lei
Gum incision 130 lei
Treatment for alveolitis/session 10 lei
Treatment for pericoronaritis/session 40 lei
Wisdom tooth gum incision 80 lei
Suture 40 lei
Gelaspon 13 lei

Treatments perform by S.L. Lucian Chirila Primary Surgeon Dentist - Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery






Consultation 100 lei
Extraction of wisdom teeth (Anesthesia and suture are included) 350 lei
Extraction of wisdom teeth included (anesthesia and suture are included) 550 lei
Extraction of included teeth (canin and premolar) (anestesia and suture are included) 650 lei
Apical resection of frontal teeth 450 lei
Apical resection of premolars 500 lei
Apical resection of molars 600 lei
  80 lei
Frenoplasty 200 lei
Alveolar ridge regulation 280 lei
Cystectomy (without addition material) 600 lei
Closed sinus lifting 250€
Opened sinus lifting (included the addition material) 900€
Bone grafts 800€
Dental implant MIS- Israel 600€
Dental implant remove 500 lei


Rx periapical 15 lei
Rx bite-wing 15 lei