In our clinic, we perform of regular treatments (tooth extraction,incision) to complex procedures (complicated dental extractions, implants, sinuslifting, bone grafts, etc).The patients benefit of an efficient anesthesia ensuring a painless treatment.Sedation or general anesthesia under supervision of an anesthesiologist can be used for more fearful patients.

Using the latest sterilisation substances, the use of the most advenced autoclave methods(autoclave type B), separate sealing of the equipment in sterile foiles and the single use materials ensures the maximum safety off all procedures performed in our clinic.After the treatment, the patients are given the necessary instructions and are provided with free aftermath assistance to enable a smooth and fast recovery.

Complex cases (complicated extractions, cysts, bone grafts, etc), which cannot be dealed by the dentist are treated by the oro-maxillo-facial surgeon.The oral-maxillo-facial procedures involve detailed knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the head and neck, and of the surgery and anesthesic procedures.Therefore, in our clinic, all complex cases and the dental implants are handled by the oral maxillo-facial surgentDr.Lucian Chirila, MD, a surgeon with extensive experiencwe which ensures quality and safe procedures.

For more information on surgical procedures (extractions, implants, bone grafts)and the related assistance please refer to the Articles/News/Information section.


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