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Dental destructions that go beyond certain limits, to which resistance is seriously impared and can not be achieved through usual methodes restaurations- amagalm or composite fillings, can be solved with the help of prosthodontics, crowns and bridges through.

A crown is a dental prosthetic devices to restore function in case :

1) partially destroyed by tooth decay or trauma

2)tooth with mulpile coronary fillings

3)low resistance devitalized teeth

4)teeth that need cosmetic changes, position, shape or color.

If loss of a small number of teeth, dental bridges are made, which replace missaing teeth, anchoring on adjacent teeth edentulism. There are many combinations of materials used in making dental crowns and briges. In our clinic, the provisional crowns are made of metal or acrylic resin and definitive crowns made  of metal,ceramic fused to metal,  or ceramic without metal support. If he loses a large number of teeth, is made removable partial dentures, full denture or skeleton denture, which restore function of mastication, phonation and physionomy. A special place is occupied by the prosthetic on implants ( fixed or mobile). Special materials and technologies are used to achive implants, crowns, bridges or dentures. Unlike other areas of dentistry, prosthetic dentistry is a team effort. The prosthetic device depends on the work of the doctor and the technician as well.  The quality of the materials used by the physician and the tehchniacian have large impact of the resulte of the device. 

For more information on tehe stages of restorative work, visit out information section. 


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