Unlike tooth decay that can occur from childhood, periodontal disease are adults problems.

Revesibil first only in the stage of  gingivitis.This gum inflammation is characterized by a  change in color from pink to bright red ,appearance of halitosis and gum bleeding, initially at brushing and then  at chewing. Gingivitis is most commonly caused by plaque and in some cases by factors such as local irritation or dental caries .In lack of proper treatment can assess periodontal disease to tooth loss, thus preventing and treating her at the first signs is very important.
In our clinic we offer:

-Prevention of gum disease by oral hygiene instructions, scaling and professional cleaning, air flow

- Treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis (advanced forms of periodontal disease)

-Treatment of periodontal tooth occlusal equilibration

- Surgery (flap surgery with or without addition of bone)

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