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Aesthetics and functionality makes restoration dentistry teeth affected by dental caries or trauma.

Treatment consists of simple caries lesion cleaning, under anesthesia, using minimally invasive techniques for the conservation of tooth structure as possible, the use of bio-materials for preservation and restoration of morpho-functional vitality by crown restorations.

By analyzing each situation, the dentist choose the best material to reconstruct the tooth, using the classic silver amalgam to composite and glass ionomers cement fotopolimelizabil art is filling coronary generatie.Rezultatul (popularly called filling), and its quality (resistance , functionality, aesthetics), depends on the accuracy of maneuvers, as well as the type of materials used. In our clinic, using the latest generation of materials prestigious 3M-ESPE (USA) and GC (Japan).
Under anesthesia, comfort, applying modern techniques and materials to ensure a recovery last generation resistance, aesthetic and functional dental structures
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