Esthetic dentistry (or cosmetic dentistry) is a recently opened branch in dentistry to meet the increasing demands of patients about physiognomy lor.Stomatologul becomes an artist can correct the defects of form, appearance or color of teeth.
In our clinic is done:
1) professional dental whitening procedures
2) faceting
3) fillings physiognomy (aesthetic)
4) ceramic crowns
5) changing the appearance of gums
1) Professional Dental Whitening
Throughout life, teeth color may vary due to extrinsic factors (food pigments, tobacco), intrinsic factors (tetracycline) or from loss of tooth vitality (necrosis, root canal therapy).
In cases where rigorous hygiene and professional cleaning and scaling maneuvers are enough to not play the color of your teeth, can call on professional teeth whitening procedures. It addresses vital teeth (bleaching) or devitali (domestic bleach)
Whitening procedures are not recommended for patients with tooth sensitivity to cold or those with persistent gingival.
For maneuvers using bleaching materials belonging to prestigious companies in the field (Ultradent, USA)
2) Faceting
If we are dissatisfied with the shape of teeth, the spaces between them or color, you can appeal to a conservative approach, that of tooth faceting.
They can be made with composite materials or ceramic materials photopolymerization in collaboration with the dental laboratory
3) Composite Fillings physiognomic photopolymerization
Evolution of composite resin photopolymerization allowed to obtain a perfect mimicry of the tooth composite color without highlighting the boundary between carious cavity and composite, while maintaining the quality and achieving desired effects of physiognomy.
4) all ceramic crowns with no metal support, to ensure natural color and translucency.
5) In case of too short teeth can be used, adjusting the gingival margin of teeth and lengthen the clinical crown
Today, cosmetic dental procedures to improve the appearance of multiple offers, because we know that the first thing they notice that a person is smiling. So "Smile nice!"

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