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Prophylaxis in dentistry is to prevent disease in the mouth. The main problems at this level are caries and periodontal disease.

In our clinic we offer the following prevention services:

1.  Advices on oral hygiene (brushing techniques, the use of toothpaste and floss, the shower of the mouth, a mouthwash, a special brush teeth., analysis of food habits)

2. Plaque detection by revealing the plate

3. Local fluoridation for preventing dental caries

4. Sealing grooves and fissures

5. Application of desensitizing substances

6. Ultrasonic scaler, professional cleaning, air flow.

7. Occlusal equilibration

8. Periodic inspections of the oral cavity

Application of regular preventive treatment can save patients time and money because we  know that the more efficiently  method of treatment is prevention.
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