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Baneasa Center Dental Clinic is a modern clinic with two fully equippped rooms for dental and radiology services, as well as a sterilization room. The clinic benefits of a modern and comfortable waiting room.with air-conditioning.


The treatment rooms are equipped with UV light for air sterilization, with air-conditioning and with dental equipment supplied by Castellini Company, a global leader in the production of dental gear.The dental chairs have a modern and ergonomic design offering comfort to the patients during the dental treatment.Antibacterian upholstery of the dental chairs increse the patient safety. The latest technology enables the doctor to reach the best performance.

The equipment has turbines from W & H, Austria,with fiber optics that allows additional lighting during the treatment. The low noise level of these turbines reduces the anxuety the patients experience due to the noise that usually accompanies the dental sessions(Photo-equipment).A surgical vacum from Catani-Italy is used during the precautionary, surgical and treatment sessions.


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The equipment used in our clinic is of best quality, supplied by Medesy, Italy. Delivered in individual packaging, in special foils, sealed with Flash-Cominox, the equipment is sterilised under heat and is benefiting of special storage facilities

The autoclave Stericlave 18B LCD with printer is produced by COMINOX and ensures steam sterilization in a high vaccum fractional microprocessor-controlled system. The autoclave has 6 sterilization programs tailored to each type of material used.Type B sterilized exceeds the standards required by Bowe@Dick, Vacuum and Helix tests, ensuring the highest levels of sterilization. The autoclave has a built-in printer to print the sterilization report and parameters

Ultrasonic devices for the reduction of plaque allow a modern and painless cleaning for the plaque and tartar deposits. The process is completed by the air flow equipment which cleans the less accessible areas, using water, air and sodium bicarbonate powder.

The photopolymerization lamp supplied by Castellini is used for photopolymerization of the filling composites and aestetique treatments.

Dental X-rays are used in order to achieve a correct diagnosis and for the endodontics procedures. In our clinic we use an X-ray equipment C70S produced by Castellini , which enables high quality scans with minimum radiation and maximum protection. Kodak films with incresed sensitivity are used in order to reduce the time of exposure and radiation to the minimum..For the safety of patients, a lead apron with thyroid collar is used

  • A special importance is given in our clinic to desinfection and sterilization procedures .We have invested and continue to invest in the latest and most advanced materials and devices for desinfection and sterilization , this ensures patient safety during dental treatment. Clinic practices are large, bright, airy and have bactericide UV lamp equipped for air sterilization. U.V.
  • The walls are painted with antibacterial paint.The treatment rooms have washable surfaces easy to cleaning and desinfected after each patient. Each cabinet is equipped with dental echipment with antibacterian upholstery supplied by Castellini Company. Desinfection of dental unit surfaces is done after each patient, using antibacterial disinfectants.
  • During treatment disposable supplies are used: gloves, glasses, trays, vacuum cleaners, cannulas, surgical fields, etc.Cleaning of the hands before and after using gloves are made with powerful desinfectant substances Instruments used in treatments are sealed and sterilized, individually in special foil unsealed only in front of the patient.




  • Our clinic have a special room designed only for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of the instruments. Instruments undergoes a presterilization with substances that meet european standards. These substances are active against Candida albicans , fungicides, sporicide, virucides , HIV, hepatitis B and C, adenovirusuri, coronavirus, herpes virus type 1, tuberculocide Mycobacterium tuberculosis. A special equipment with ultrasonic power is used for cleaning of instruments. Then The instruments are individually sealed in special foil with sterilization markers that change the color and control the quality of the sterilization procedure.
  • In our clinic, for proper sterilization,in a high vacuum fractional microprocessor controlled system. Our autoclave is a Stericlave 18LCD with printers, class B COMINOX, Italy. COMINOX company is a member of the European Committee for Standardization of sterilization, which is a guarantee that its products use the most advanced technology in sterilization. Our clinic uses class B autoclave with vacuum fractional sterilization performed successfully and exceeds "BOWIE & DICK" test, "VACUUM" test and test "HELIX".
  • Autoclave has several programs depending on the material to be sterilized and is microprocessor-controlled system. The printer allows printing device sterilization ratio and parameters that are inregistratii in contract sterilization.
  • Besides hot sterilization procedures, using autoclave, in our clinic we use chemical sterilization. For disposal, our clinic have special containers and has signed a contract with a company specializing in processing, transportation and incineration of hazardous waste. All these measures are rigorously applied, removing any possibility of illness of patients or medical personnel during dental treatment.